Andy Prudence
The Abyss
Low Spirits
Jelly Attack
Jellyfish Corpse
Jellyfish Death
How brave are you?
Jellyfish Ballerina
Jelly Mask
I have a big fear of cockroaches. Roachception is a comic about a scary dream within a dream that I had.
Jelly Thoughts
Eat my Jelly
Barruecos Jellyfish with @diegobarrueco
Mehinagic Jellyfish
jellyhair with @valentin.mehinagic
Dane De Bear
@danedebruin as a honey eater bear.
Malkovik Afro
Digital Art inspired by one of @emerson_malkovik pictures on Instagram.
Shady Moon 2020
Ten years ago I made this digital art on Photoshop. I decided to re-work the idea with my current style, this is the result.
Neon Indulgence
Spanish Summer
Nettle's Garden Witch
Acala or Fudō Myōō
He is one of the Five Wisdom Kings a protective deity of Japan where he is known as Fudō Myōō.
The Rubens - Hoops FanArt
Fan Art inspired by the song Hoops by the Australian band The Rubens.
Animal Beards - Lasselom
Lasse L. Matberg @lasselom Norwegian Navi turn into a Jellyfish Merman.
Diego Barrueco's Constellation
Diego Barrueco's has an amazing skin full of freckles, they reminded me of the stars so I turned them into a Constellation.
Animal Beards - Tristan
Scottish Professional Ice Hockey Player and model Tristan Cameron-Harper turned into Cheshire Cat.
Animal Beards - Jonny Kaye
Model Jonny Kaye turned into a Lion in the Kilimanjaro.
Fur Ball
The cat is sleeping but the fur ball is coming for the fleas!
The Shining Driving School
Do you want to learn how to drive? Do it with the best Driving School, The Shining. Inscriptions are open!
Glazed Wolves
Do you love Krispy Kream, well I wanted to show a cuople of therianthrophic wolves excited and howling during a original glazed doughnuts night.
Big Cat on Fire
Illustration - Big Cat on Fire
I'm Gonna Lose My Shit
I was assigned to design a birthday t-shirt for a guy who loves marvel films and is always saying his catchy phrase ‘I am going to lose my shit’. I decided to turn him into The Hulk! Here is the result: T-Shirt and Poster.
Animal Beards - Beardtopus
Animal beards: Beardtopus
Freaking Kookaburra!
Kookaburra is a native bird from Australia, one fact that surprised me is that they are carnivorous. Freakin’ Kookaburra!
My Friends
One of the things I miss the most is my friends from Colombia, to show my love for them. I worked a couple of months during my spare time to make an illustration of all of us together. They all loved the final result.
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