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SquaDrone is a family-owned business in Perth that has invested in the latest drone technology to provide education and entertainment services. To showcase the amazing capabilities of drone light shows, I suggested using their video footage interactively on their website. As users scroll, drones take off or fly on the screen, making for a captivating experience.

Additionally, I created multiple contact forms on the website for users to easily enquire about the specific service they are interested in. This ensures that SquaDrone can provide tailored information to potential clients and help them make informed decisions.

The website is designed to be highly interactive on desktop, allowing users to animate the drones as they scroll through the page. The layout has been optimized to provide ample spacing for easy readability and navigation.

I ensure that all of my designed websites are highly responsive and visually appealing on all screen sizes, from the smallest mobile devices to the largest desktop displays.

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